3# Reasons to have a Pet on Staff

As an avid animal lover, I have always been surrounded by dogs, cats, and horses; they are a big part of my life. But it is only now, as a parent and a small business owner working from a home-based workshop, that I have seriously thought about the real value of having a pet in the workplace. So much so that I think they should be employed on staff.

For those of you with pet-free homes and workplaces that don’t think this is relevant to you, here is my sound reasoning including financial benefits.

#1 Morale

We all work hard in our businesses and jobs. I mean really hard. And, away from a big corporate office, who knows and appreciates that we work hard except for a pet? From under a desk or curled up in a cozy corner, they are silently observing how hard we work. And, when we pause for a moment from our busy work, they are ready and waiting to catch our eye and tell us that they know how hard we have worked. ‘Well done!’ I can almost hear my dog Missy say. That’s why I appointed her Chief Morale Officer.

#2 Health & Wellbeing

Pets have an innate sense of knowing when we’ve worked too long and need a break. There is nothing like a wet nose thrust into your lap or a sharp bark to get your attention. Sometimes it is Jet, my cat, walking across the keyboard. Yes, it may be under the guise of ‘I need to pee’ (often applies to me as well) but more often it is just an excuse to stretch our legs and have a few minutes in the sunshine. ‘Oh, and look!’ barks Missy. ‘There’s a ball, please throw it!’ Yes, I’ve fallen for that one a few times, but I do feel better and much more energised when I return to the workshop.

#3 Security

With my head down over an industrial sewing machine and usually a podcast playing in the background, it is debatable that I would hear an elephant landing on the roof let alone a visitor pulling into the drive. That is Missy’s job. And when we’re out as a family I also love the fact that there is a dog outside keeping an eye on our property as well as a cat ready to pounce on an internal intruder. Ok, well there is a good chance he might trip them over!

Of course, there are far more types of pets than just dogs and cats that may suit your workplace. I know some cockatiels that could easily fit all these criteria. My horse would willingly join us as well, but I do have my limits.

Hmmm. I sense that my more cynical readers are still waiting for me to talk about the financial benefits. Well start by adding up the cost of employing a staff member or having to contract the above three services for your business. Then add up the cost of your pet’s care.

I rest my case.


Elise Brown is owner of Fair Dinkum Dogs and lives in central Victoria with an extensive family of humans and animals. She custom makes waterproof dog coats from oilskin to fit dogs of all breeds and sizes. Her online business currently operates with 2.5 EFT human and 2.0 animal staff members.