If your dog is an

whippet / Lurcher /Italian Greyhound

* Greyhound (or a narrow framed Staghound)

We have speciality designs for your best mate

The characteristics that suit these 2 designs are:

* narrow frame (not very wide in chest as chest barrels downward rather than to the side)

* Spine drops down to tail (curving spine )

* small neck measurement

All other breeds: that have a more rounded frame eg Basset Hounds, Border Collies, Kelpies, Labradors etc will suit the Regular or The Collar Design .

**** If your dog has a similar back line to a greyhound but doesn't have a narrow frame or a small neck please order a  Custom Made Regular Design or a Custom Made - Collar design and i will shape the back line to suit your dog. ****

Custom orders will be sculpted to suit your best mate. We do this by using the measurements and the photo you provide of your best mate. 

Photo needs to be taken from the side of your best mate standing in a relaxed frame.

Got a best mate not yet fully grown?

We can custom make a coat to fit with as much adjustment as possible but no guarantees they will not outgrow the coat. Please mention their age when placing the order. * its a good idea to google their breed to see when they should finish growing.