For 25 years Fair Dinkum Dog Coats have been keeping best mates from all over the world comfortable, warm and dry in our range of Oilskin / Waxed Cotton dog coats.

With many reports of 16 yo coats still in use we are proud to say we provide a product that will stand the test of time.

Originally a wholesale business supplying the pet shops of Australia, Fair Dinkum Dogs now sell directly through our online platforms


Elise Brown owner of Fair Dinkum Dogs

Elise Brown - owner of Fair Dinkum Dogs in her

Castlemaine Victoria sewing studio

'Our Story' told on the Inspirational Australians - Awards Australia Podcast

Our Story:

Growing up on land, I was fortunate to always have a best mate at my side. Country living also meant learning how to problem solve, innovate, and make things with my hands from a young age. By the age of 19, I was the owner of Fair Dinkum Dog Coats; a business with the ideal combination of creativity whilst revolving around my first true love: dogs.

Whilst the quality and integrity of our products has remained constant, much else has changed since 2006.

I now have a beautiful family to care for. After becoming a mother in recent years to two gorgeous girls, I made the decision to take the business online (a bold move in my small community of Castlemaine!).. The shift has meant I can create custom made coats for any breed, shape or size of best mate. It’s also allowed me the time to  introduce new lines such as all-natural dog treats.

Being able to work in a business and live in a place that I love, surrounded by bushland and my animals, isn’t something that I take for granted. We’re the lucky country and I’m certainly a lucky woman. As Fair Dinkum has evolved, an important piece of the business puzzle has been to give back to the community that I love so much. Which is why we take so much pleasure in donating reguarly to not just our local but many animal rescue shelters around Australia.

Time to toot my own horn (just a little bit, no tall poppy syndrome to be seen here). It’s been an exciting couple of years here and receiving a Victorian Regional Achievement Award was a highlight. It led to many opportunities including meeting iconic woman such as Ita Buttrose, Janine Ellis, and Queen Elizabeth.

In 2019 I received a Digital Champions grant from Facebook and the Australian government, enabling me to participate in valuable master classes as well as undertake a website upgrade, rebranding and digital marketing training. Being selected as one of Facebook’s 30 rural Australian businesses to be promoted in their Gift Guide was another welcome surprise. Getting my hair and makeup done for a Fox Studio session was something I had never thought I would experienceeven more daunting was seeing my poster displayed in shopping centers and airports, a far cry from my rural sewing room with my best mate sitting at my feet!

Home schooling, bottle feeding lambs, and fulfilling orders kept us on our toes in 2020 #covidtimes. 

2021 had me feeling a renewed sense of excitement with the potential of more product launches and being able to sew coats for new clients and their best mates.

After chasing a fellow school mum down in the street and running into our neighbours house asking if they had any working age children our team grew.

Charlene a mother of four and all round superwoman has become our number 1 seamstress and Lucie our 16yo neighbour keeps our ship afloat ensuring the many production jobs are done and dog treats are bagged down.

Our girls Monique and Phoebe assist before and after school with hubby Courtney providing the muscles when rolls of materials need to be hung or market stalls need to be constucted. 

We are very much a family-run, rural Aussie business and we wouldn't have it any other way! 

Thank you for your ongoing support.

With customers such as yourself, the future of Australian made and owned is looking very bright!



2019 Facebook surprised our family with a huge sign outside of our local shopping center.

The Fair Dinkum Dogs family