Measuring Your Dog

* Tip: Don't make the mistake of measuring up the dogs neck. Point A needs to be the base of the dogs neck. Follow instructions carefully.

* After you have worked out the location of point A - get your back measurement followed by your neck measurement.

* Try to encourage your dog to stand relaxed so it does not hunch its back, best to have 2 people so that one can hold the dog while the other person measures.

* I have had many people report they have a 15 yo Fair Dinkum Dog Coat still in use so its worth double checking your measurements to ensure a great fit.

* If your dog is not yet fully grown please mention age of your dog when you email or text side on photo of your dog to me. Dogs under the age of 6 months may still have a lot of growing to do, i can make the coat with as much adjustment as possible but there are no guarantees your dog will not out grow the coat. Most breeds have finished growing by 12 months. All coats are made to allow for weight gain or weight loss.