Fair Dinkum Quality Dog Coats

Why our waterproof dog coats ‘are simply the best, they’re better than all the rest!’ Ah what a great song that is… oh right, yes, our coats. Our coats are fair dinkum by name and fair dinkum by nature. They are as true blue as they come!

Handmade Waterproof Dog Coats

Handmade here in Castlemaine Victoria since 1993 we make comfortable waterproof lightweight coats for dog breeds of all shapes and sizes and post out to their owners all over the world. Our coats have proven themselves to last the test of time. Why? We don’t skimp on the quality of the materials or manufacturing time. This is the reason we have had so many people let us know they are still using a coat purchased SIXTEEN years ago. Yep. They last!

Our manufacturing process involves internal and external stitching which takes us longer but is well worth the effort. This is a totally different sewing process to other dog coats you will find on the rack or online. The difference is easily recognizable if your best mate takes a bite out of the side of an off the rack coat. You will notice in the following days that the stitching will begin to unravel and the coat eventually falling to bits. Our way of sewing internally, cutting, turning through then sewing again means that if your best mate does damage their coat, the structure will remain intact and will not unravel.

When it comes to our materials, we only use premium materials. Oilskin is a cotton fabric made waterproof through the application of waxes and oils. Like many things there can be many different grades of Oilskin. Some products I’ve found labeled Oilskin in stores has me shaking my head, it couldn’t be further from the quality of the premium black Australian made Oilskin that we use here at Fair Dinkum Dogs.

Naturally, there is some maintenance recommended. With ‘Ducksback’ our wax / oil solution applied every third wash your coats will be kept waterproof for the duration of your best mate’s life. Once you witness the way water immediately beads then runs off Oilskin ‘like water off a duck’s back’ you will understand where the name for the solution came from.

Quite simply, because we don’t skimp on the quality of the materials or manufacturing time, your best mate will be kept warm and comfortable for the duration of their life!