Waterproof Dog Coat - Collar Design
Waterproof Dog Coat  / Collar Design / Warm Sherpa Fleece Lining
Waterproof Dog Coat - Collar Design
Boston Terrier - Waterproof Dog Coat - Collar Design
Waterproof Dog Coat  / Collar Design / Warm Sherpa Fleece Lining
Waterproof Dog Coat  / Collar Design / Warm Sherpa Fleece Lining
Waterproof Dog Coat  / Collar Design / Warm Sherpa Fleece Lining
Instructions for Before Measurement
Instruction for measuring your Best Mate
Waterproof Dog Coat  / Collar Design / Warm Sherpa Fleece Lining
Waterproof Dog Coat  / Collar Design / Warm Sherpa Fleece Lining
Waterproof Dog Coat  / Collar Design / Warm Sherpa Fleece Lining
Warm Cream Sherpa Fleece Lining material for waterproof Dog coat

Waterproof Dog Coat / Collar Design / Warm Sherpa Fleece Lining

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Waterproof Dog Coat / Collar Design

Premium Black Oilskin with Warm Sherpa Fleece.

Measure up your best mate and find a size that suits.

No worries if there is not a size suitable we can custom-make this design to suit, scroll down to find out how.

We know just how much your best mate means to you and that you want them to be kept warm and dry while out and about having fun.

With 27 years of experience, we have many reports of our handmade waterproof dog coats lasting 16 years and more.


We didn't try to reinvent the wheel!!!!
Since 1898 sailors and stockmen of the world have been using Oilskin (also known as Waxed Cotton).

Why? Because no other material quite measures up when it comes to being lightweight, waterproof, pliable and long-lasting. 

Oilskin is simply put: cotton fabric made waterproof using a mixture of wax and oil.

Don't be fooled though, Oilskin can come in various grades of fabric.

We choose Premium black Oilskin with warm Sherpa fleece lining.


Our manufacturing process involves internal and external stitching.

Yes, it takes longer to sew but, as the name suggests, we are fair dinkum about quality!

Dark bronze studs in the neck and velcro adjustment on the stomach strap allow for plenty of adjustment. The velcro has been doubled on the stomached strap for extra strength and longevity. 

This design comes with a  stylish collar that matches your lining choice that can be tuned up to cover the neck during a downpour.
Check out our reviews!


One of our customers tells the story about her coat going missing for a few months.

She literally found it by digging it up in the garden, gave it a wash, a re-oil, and the coat is still in use to this day 16yrs later.

Your best mate deserves the best, your bank account deserves good value for money, and we sure love handmaking Australian-made and owned dog coats for you and your best mate.

We are a family-run business located in Central Victoria Australia.

If you require any assistance please don't hesitate to reach out
We don't bite
Read on if your best mate does not fit any of our sizes...

No worries we can custom make this design to their exact specifications.

You will need:

1) Your best mates measurements as per our instructions

2) A side-on photo of your best mate standing. Ensure they are in a relaxed stance 

3) Follow the link below to place your order.... It's that simple!


Custom Made

7 working day turn around from the date of payment


12 working day turn around for custom made orders.

**This design is not suited to Italian Greyhounds, Whippets, Greyhounds or Lurchers as we have specific designs for these breeds. If your best mate has features similar to these breeds don't worry we will use your side-on  photo and measurements to tailor-make the coat to fit.***

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Angela Cates
Waterproof rain coat

My girl is a pug, so it’s difficult to find something that fits her even though she is quite slim. Measured her very carefully and am very happy with the coat that I received. I ordered her the 40cm and it fits her perfectly. She stays warm and dry in her coat if we are out in the rain. I like how it also gives her back legs some coverage, a lot of other winter dog jackets are cut high up over the back legs leaving them exposed. Would highly recommend this waterproof dog coat, worth the money.

So pleased to hear your beautiful girl will now be lovely and warm, also great to know what size you had success with.

Thank you for your support Angela we so appreciate it!

Elise and Team
Fair Dinkum Dogs

Marty Beck
Great product and service

Thanks Elise. Louis loves his new coat, thanks so much for all your help fitting him and for making such a great quality product. He also looks very handsome in it and gets many compliments!! Thanks again.

We're so pleased to hear!

Thank you for your support Marty

Elise and team
Fair Dinkum Dogs

Margaux Smith
Worth the money

I saw this jacket on another dog at the part and was hesitant to spend this much money on an item of clothing for my Cavoodle, but I'm so glad I did. This is the perfect every day winter jacket. It fits well, is waterproof and warm, arrived quickly and looks great. I did a lot of searching online for something similar and this is by far the best I've found. And it's stopped me from spending even more on sweaters that don't quite do the trick! I feel like I'm recommending it to someone new every day since we're always getting asked about it :)

Thank you for picking up the pom poms and becoming a Fair Dinkum Dogs cheer leader Margaux.
So pleased we have hit the mark!

We will get comfy at the sewing machine if you are spreading the word. hehe

Elise and Team
Fair Dinkum Dogs

Jordy Loves It!

It's my dog's first coat and he loves it. I was a bit skeptical about getting it on and off him, but no worries. He's up every time when I say time to get your coat on.
I liked it so much I've ordered a second cotton lined coat as well, one that he can comfortably wear to work in the vineyard with his dad and stay dry. They both hate getting wet.☺️ Thanks so much.

Excellent news!
So pleased Jordy is all sorted for this freezing weather

Elise and Team
Fair Dinkum Dogs

Stuart Thomason

Best coat we have ever purchased. Good fit and quality materials. Has drawn comments from other dog owners. Really happy thanks

Thanks so much Stuart!
Pretty much permanently attached to the sewing machine at the moment and comments such as these really do keep us going!

Thanks so much

Elise and team
Fair Dinkum Dogs