Waterproof Dog Coat -- Regular Design
Waterproof Dog Coat -- Regular Design
Regular Design WaterProof Dog Coat With Reflective Strips
Waterproof Dog Coat -- Regular Design
Waterproof Dog Coat -- Regular Design
Waterproof Dog Coat -- Regular Design
Waterproof Dog Coat -- Regular Design
Waterproof Dog Coat -- Regular Design
Waterproof Dog Coat -- Regular Design
Sizing guide for Regular and Collar Coats for your Best Mate
Waterproof Dog Coat -- Regular Design
Waterproof Dog Coat -- Regular Design
Waterproof Dog Coat -- Regular Design
Blue Bubbles Cotton Lining Material For WaterProof Dog Coat
Waterproof Dog Coat -- Regular Design
Waterproof Dog Coat -- Regular Design
Flowers Cotton Lining For WaterProof Dog Coats
Bones Cotton Lining for WaterProof Dog Coats
Best Mate Cotton Lining for WaterProof Dog Coats for your best mate
Navy Check Cotton Lining material for Waterproof coats
Waterproof Dog Coat -- Regular Design

Waterproof Dog Coat -- Regular Design

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Regular Design

We know just how much your best mate means to you and that you want them to be kept warm and dry while out and about having fun.

With 27 years of experience, we have many reports of our dog coats lasting 16 years and more.




We didn't try to reinvent the wheel!!!!

Since 1898 sailors and stockmen of the world have been using Oilskin (also known as Waxed Cotton).

Why? Because no other material quite measures up when it comes to being lightweight, waterproof, pliable and long-lasting. 




Oilskin is simply put: cotton fabric made waterproof using a mixture of wax and oil.

Don't be fooled though, Oilskin can come in various grades of fabric.

We choose Premium black Oilskin with your choice of either warm Sherpa fleece or a cooler option of Cotton lining.




Our manufacturing process involves internal and external stitching.

Yes, it takes longer but, as the name suggests, we are fair dinkum about quality!

Dark bronze studs in the neck and velcro adjustment on the stomach strap allow for plenty of adjustment. The velcro has been doubled on the stomached strap for extra strength and longevity. 

Check out our reviews!




One of our customers tells the story about her coat going missing for a few months.

She literally found it by digging it up in the garden, gave it a wash, a re-oil, and the coat is still in use to this day 16yrs later.

Your best mate deserves the best, your bank account deserves good value for money, and we sure love handmaking Australian made and owned dog coats for you and your best mate.




We are a family-run business located in Central Victoria Australia.

If you require any assistance please don't hesitate to reach out

We don't bite

Read on if your best mate does not fit any of our sizes...

No worries we can custom make this design to their exact specifications.

You will need:

1) Your best mates measurements as per our instructions

2) A side-on photo of your best mate standing. Ensure they are in a relaxed stance 

3) Follow the link below to place your order.... It's that simple!


Custom Made


7 working day turn around from the date of payment.


12 working days for custom made orders

**This design is not suited to Italian Greyhounds, Whippets, Greyhounds or Lurchers as we have specific designs for these breeds. If your best mate has features similar to these breeds don't worry we will use your side-on  photo and measurements to tailor-make the coat to fit.***

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Stephen Lake
Very Happy

I got a waterproof coat. When it arrived I was really impressed with the quality of the finish. I showed it to the staff in our office and all of them loved it. I put it on my dog for the first time tonight and went for a walk in the rain. It did it's job, it fit well and was easy to put on the dog. The design and shape seems really good, keeping the dogs legs free to move. I like that it just has one strap around the torso, which leaves the rest of the coat to basically just sit on the body like a blanket and that it isn't designed to try and wrap itself around the dogs torso. It's simple, easy and effective. It is what I would say I would expect from an Australian Made product; high quality, practical, works well and looks good.

Thank you for your review Stephen, we are so glad to hear your best mates are now lovely and warm, now and for many winters to come!

Elise and team

Kaye Cooper
Great product, great service

I just love the waterproof coat with reflective stripes which we bought for our Kelpie X. Despite ordering the wrong size initially (my fault entirely), Fair Dinkum Dogs replaced the coat for the correct size with no hesitation. The replacement fits like a glove and I am very impressed with the quality of the fabric and workmanship. I have recommended this company to all my friends! Thanks again Elise for the awesome customer service.

You are truely more than welcome Kaye, we are just so pleased that yet another best mate will be so toasty for this winter and many more to come.

Elise and team
Fair Dinkum Dogs


Perfect fit for my Cairn Terrier he just loves wearing it. Great quality, well made from here in Australia and it does what it says - keeps my dogs back dry and warm in the wet Adelaide winters.

Oh Cristina, its been a long day and this review has certainly put a smile on our faces.

Thank you so very much, we are thrilled you are pleased with your purchase

Elise and team
Fair Dinkum Dogs

Irene Georgakakis
Fabulous !

I received the coat within a week and it is perfect !
Made well here in Australia and exactly to the measurements I gave.

Thank you so much for a well made raincoat for our special girl.

Great quality

This is a great quality Australian-made dog coat. It is perfect for our cocker-spaniel and keeps him toasty warm on our cold winter days.